ZyVersa's mission is to develop novel, first-in-class drugs that optimize health outcomes and improve patients' quality of life. Our evolving product pipeline is targeted at renal and anti-inflammatory diseases.

2023 Pipeline


Our lead renal candidate is Cholesterol Efflux MediatorTM VAR 200 (active ingredient 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin or 2HPβCD). VAR 200 was developed to mediate removal of excess cholesterol that damages the kidneys’ filtration system (renal glomeruli podocytes). Based on preclinical studies, by reducing excess cholesterol, VAR 200 slows progression of injury to the kidneys’ filtration system and reduces protein in the urine (proteinuria) that can lead to end stage kidney disease.

VAR 200 is initially being developed for FSGS. Alport syndrome and diabetic kidney disease may be pursued based on our indication expansion strategy.

Our lead anti-inflammatory drug candidate is Inflammasome ASC Inhibitor IC 100, targeting the upstream innate immune system. IC 100 inhibits intracellular ASC to block inflammasome formation and intracellular initiation of the inflammatory cascade.  It also inhibits intra-and extracellular ASC specks to block perpetuation of inflammation. IC 100 has potential for multiple CNS and other inflammatory conditions.