ZyVersa is a clinical stage specialty biopharmaceutical company leveraging advanced proprietary technologies to develop first-in-class drugs. Our focus is on patients with inflammatory or renal diseases who have high unmet medical needs. Our clinical pipeline includes phase 2a-ready VAR 200, a cholesterol efflux mediator for treatment of an orphan renal disease, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), and a novel inflammasome inhibitor with potential for multiple inflammatory diseases.

Our accomplished leadership team has demonstrated success across all disciplines in the biopharmaceutical industry. A key focus is assuring that our development efforts serve the needs of all our stakeholders: patients, health care providers, payors, and our investors.

Our evolving product pipeline is targeted to the $60+ billion anti-inflammatory market1 and the $13+ billion renal drug market2. Our lead renal drug candidate is 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin (2HPβCD), a cholesterol efflux mediator demonstrated in preclinical studies to promote cholesterol removal from podocytes, the kidney's filtering system, slowing progression of podocyte injury and renal disease. Our lead anti-inflammatory drug candidate is a novel inflammasome inhibitor targeting the upstream innate immune system. It inhibits the ASC component of inflammasomes, blocking intracellular initiation of the inflammatory cascade and extracellular perpetuation of inflammation.


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