IC 100: ASC Inhibitor


IC 100 is a humanized monoclonal IgG4 antibody that uniquely inhibits the adaptor ASC component of multiple types of inflammasomes, providing potential to treat a broad group of inflammatory disorders.

IC 100 inhibits ASC, blocking inflammasome formation, activation, and initiation of the inflammatory response.

IC 100 also inhibits the ASC component of ASC Specks, disrupting their structure and function, thereby preventing perpetuation of the massive inflammatory response.

By inhibiting both initiation and perpetuation of inflammation, IC 100 is expected to be effective for controlling both acute and chronic inflammation associated with disease.

IC 100 Blocks Inflammasome Formation
ASC Inhibitor

IC 100 Disrupts ASC Speck Structure and Function

Preclinical data summarized below demonstrate that IC 100 characteristics demonstrate potential for a broad range of conditions, including CNS and non-CNS indications. Likewise based on available data, IC 100 demonstrates a promising safety profile.

asc inhibitor 

IC 100 Scientific Support

IC 100 has strong pre-clinical data related to multiple indications, as summarized below.

asc inhibitor